Holiday Shipping Reminder

     Time is flying and it is getting close to Christmas.  If you need to have shipments sent to customers, family, and friends, the window of opportunity to get those packages to them by Christmas is about to close. 
     We have posted a map so that you can know the transit times, for whatever region you are sending to.

     East Coast Shipments:  Tuesday 2/16/14 will be the last day to get packages to the east coast before Christmas by ground.  

     The west coast is much more forgiving and takes three business days.  Two business days in California.

     Be proactive about your shipping schedule and remember, sooner is always better than later.  

A note about transit times.  

The day you bring in a shipment is the staging day and does not count as the transit time.  

For example: A shipment going ground to New York will take five business days.  If is is dropped off on a Monday your shipment will arrive the following Monday. 

Happy Holidays, From Cartons & Crates!