Jeff Holmes started CARTONS & CRATES Napa Valley Shipping and Packing Co May 1st 1986, and has been family owned and operated for 30 years. 

Cartons & Crates stands on its thirty-year reputation with a long list of satisfied customers. 

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2015 Refrigerated Shipping Update

Refrigerated Temp Controlled Shipping


Summer is on its way, and to help beat the heat Cartons & Crates has temperature controlled shipping options.  Trucks are kept at 55° to keep your shipments cool.  The UPS temperature controlled solution is designed to provide service to the major direct-to-consumer wine markets.  

Every year service has expanded on this option and now includes Kansas.

  Here is the updated 2015 refrigerated temperature controlled shipping service areas, and pick up schedule.

Of course, your standard shipping options and rates are still always available.
It is strongly recommended to ship to a business address.  If an adult is not at the residence, the shipment will go back to the open air terminal.  Please check the zip code.  As not all zip codes are serviced.
Example: The "Pan Handle" and western Texas are not refrigeration serviced.   

Wine Shipping Update

   As your freight forwarder, Cartons & Crates is always looking to be informed of, and in compliance with, any and all new laws regarding shipments of wine as they are passed by the states.  It is equally important to us that we assist you in keeping informed and compliant.

We have the current list of states that require a license from anyone shipping wine direct to consumer (DTC).


 Here is the list of states and links. 






North Dakota



Severe Winter Storm is Affecting Areas of Montana

With Severe weather in Montana, UPS is balancing priorities of employee safety and customer service.  We are committed to moving shipments to their final destinations as quickly as possible and are making every effort to deliver to all areas as soon as safety permits.  

The storm is causing unavoidable service delays in certain areas.  No pickups, deliveries, or UPS On-Call Pickup service are available at this time.

For more more information about the service impact on UPS Freight pickups and deliveries, please visit UPS.

Affected Zip Codes

59021    59016    59043   59062    59311    59314    59316    59317    59319    59332    59343    59345   59351

Holiday Shipping Reminder

     Time is flying and it is getting close to Christmas.  If you need to have shipments sent to customers, family, and friends, the window of opportunity to get those packages to them by Christmas is about to close. 
     We have posted a map so that you can know the transit times, for whatever region you are sending to.

     East Coast Shipments:  Tuesday 2/16/14 will be the last day to get packages to the east coast before Christmas by ground.  

     The west coast is much more forgiving and takes three business days.  Two business days in California.

     Be proactive about your shipping schedule and remember, sooner is always better than later.  

A note about transit times.  

The day you bring in a shipment is the staging day and does not count as the transit time.  

For example: A shipment going ground to New York will take five business days.  If is is dropped off on a Monday your shipment will arrive the following Monday. 

Happy Holidays, From Cartons & Crates!